Project Yes

The mission of Project Yes PLLC is to reduce suffering, promote resilience and foster mindful, conscious living.

Dr Tatyana Kholodkov

Dr Tatyana Kholodkov, Founder and Owner

Accessible counseling services

We provide evaluation and psychotherapy services, workplace trainings, expert presentation/speaking engagements, professional consultations, internships, and mindbody wellness classes for adult human beings.

When you want quality care for yourself, a loved one, or your organization, it is worth the time and energy to find a really fantastic fit.

At Project Yes, you can expect compassionate, quality care by skillful and highly trained individuals who treat you as distinctly unique! Whether you reside in a PSYPACT state or nearby our home base in Durham, the best psychologist or counselor is the one that is a right fit for YOU! Project Yes aims to view you as an expert in your life or in your organization’s needs, and our wellness team is here to serve as a partner in your desired goals.

Our team provides evidence-based psychotherapy services for:

  • individuals, 
  • relationships, and 
  • periodic groups. 

We draw on a range of therapeutic approaches and orientations depending on what best suits the client and goals.

We are available for:

  • professional training and workshops
  • clinical supervision
  • internships. 

Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov is a frequent presenter and available for speaking engagements.

We can help you learn how to:

  • be present 
  • enjoy the moment and
  • tolerate difficult experiences 

Our yoga classes are rooted in classical  practice and are trauma informed. They are available publicly, online and as part of wellness retreats

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Tatyana is a superb psychologist. She takes into account the mind body connection without judgment and with immense amount of creativity. She has helped my patients overcome the most challenging of disorders and does so with grace.

Dr. B, Integrative Psychiatrist
Irina Baechle

Tatyana is an highly skilled and knowledgable therapist that I have been collaborating with on several mutual clients for several years now. She deeply cares about her clients and also offers yoga and mindfulness classes to her community. I know that her practice is always busy and that her clients really appreciate her compassionate and wellness oriented approach. 

Irina Baechle, LCSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a safe, private space for healing, introspection, and growth.

The client-therapist relationship is one that is based on trust, comfort, and support. When you first meet with your therapist, psychologist or counselor, you can expect that they are deeply interested in understanding:

  • Who you are
  • Why you’re seeking help
  • How she can help you thrive

Your therapist will conduct an initial assessment with you, including a discussion of what is most important to you in your life, relevant personal history, your concerns, your strengths and what you hope to get out of psychotherapy.

Often, much of the necessary information is gathered in the first few visits, however, at times you are asked to fill out helpful questionnaires outside of session time.

How does privacy work here?

The matters that we discuss in sessions are confidential.

Everything we discuss remains private, unless you have authorized your therapist to release information to another party.

As therapists bound by an ethical code, there are situations that warrant exceptions to confidentiality. These include:

  • Reports of harm to children, disabled individuals, or older adults
  • When it is necessary to protect you or others.

Additional guidelines apply to clients under the age of 18. You can trust that your therapist is experienced and comfortable discussing such issues, and helping you handle them in a sensitive manner.

For some clients, privacy is of heightened concern. To learn more about how not using insurance can help protect your privacy, please see our expanded FAQ page

What Forms of Specialized Care Do We Provide?

Our therapists also specifically work with several communities and seek specialized training to provide:

  • Trauma-Informed Therapy
  • Polyamory Therapy
  • Journalist Therapy
  • LGBTQIA Affirming Therapy

What can I expect?

The first session includes a review of a few brief forms and policies. Project Yes requires payment at the beginning of each session.

Each session that follows starts with a brief check-in and often, an outline of how the time will be spent. If home practice is part of the therapy, you will spend time going over these materials. The bulk of session time will be used to make progress on your overall therapy goals. The last few minutes of the session are reserved for reviewing any handouts and scheduling upcoming appointments.

The progress of psychotherapy is highly individualized. Together, you and your therapist will formulate a plan of what psychotherapy will look like for you, including how often (and for how long) we meet, desired goals and how progress will be monitored.

Typically, therapy is most effective when meeting at least once a week, and while our typical sessions are 50 minutes long, some clients benefit from extended sessions (80 minutes +)

Project Yes promotes holistic care, thus, you might be referred to outside resources that support your overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

Whats expected of ME in this relationship?

Therapy is most effective when an individual is actively involved in the process. This extends far beyond our office walls. You have far more time to practice living life better in your day-to-day experiences, compared to the small amount of time you spend at Project Yes.

Your therapist wants you to make progress between sessions. This includes completion of handouts, tracking symptoms, engaging with others and practicing skills. You might also be offered suggestions for supplementary reading or given information you can share with a supportive person in your life

How does payment work?

All payments are collected at the beginning of each session/ at the time service is rendered.

Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, including the state health plan. All other therapists are out of network. We do offer a limited amount of sliding scale slots.

For all other forms of insurance, you can use your out of network benefits. As a courtesy we can submit out of network claims on your behalf once monthly, however some clients prefer to submit claims themselves.

We have opted out of Medicare, and thus are not able to see clients who intend to submit for reimbursement from Medicare, either as a primary or secondary form of insurance.

Please note we do not accept insurance for couples therapy. All services have a 48 hour cancellation policy including first appointments.

Want to be more mindful?

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