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The aim of Project Yes PLLC is to reduce suffering, promote resilience and foster mindful, conscious living.  

Our services include evaluations and psychotherapy, workforce trainings, expert presentations/consultation, and mind-body wellness workshops for adult human beings.

When you want quality care for yourself, a loved one, or your organization, it's worth the time and energy to find a really fantastic fit for you.

Exploring fit is how all work starts within Project Yes. You are viewed as the expert in your life or organizational needs, and our goal is to serve as a companion and guide to your desired goals.

Project Yes came from a vision of helping others say an enthusiastic “yes” to life.

Trauma, stress, illness, and adversity can make our world start to shrink. This may be sensed as though parts of ourselves are missing, and we may feel unmotivated, stuck, or lost. Overtly, it may or may not be noticeable, yet often leads to ways of acting, or being, that are not in line with our true self or highest potential.

By partnering with Project Yes, you will figure out how to show up in your life the way that you want to. We help integrate the mind and body, restore connection, get clarity about decisions and be more present in the life right in front of you.

The traditional system of mental health is geared towards diagnosing and treating a problem or disorder. This medicalization approach however often does a disservice by not acknowledging the inherent wisdom we all carry, and at times also pathologizing normal human experiences. You will not be defined by problems or illness.

We focus on wellness rather than illness, and meaningful living rather than achievement. What really matters to you? That’s what we’re here to focus on together.

Whether you are wanting to reduce problematic patterns that lead you to feel disconnected, or seeking support for your organization to have better communication and stress management, we know we are on track if what is important to you is the target. Our services aim to equip you with practical, self-sustaining tools to maintain the gains you make. Let us support your wellness.

The fact is, life has a lot of pain, and we sometimes get into patterns instead making life feel more like surviving than thriving. This dulls creativity and reduces morale. Project yes can be your partner to changing that. Our view of wellness applies to stressors of the heart and mind, physical difficulties, life transitions, environmental conditions, ethical dilemmas, spiritual longing, and community conflict. All providers continue to seek ongoing learning in order to stay at the cutting edge of research and community issues, and to remain humble at how much there is always still to learn.

Mindful and conscious living means we are awake.

  • We find how to live in a way that holds what is painful and acknowledges reality as it is.
  • We can become embodied even if our bodies don’t always feel like a friendly home. 
  • We are able to navigate while still feeling and sensing, rather than checking-out, dissociating, shutting down, or self-medicating.
  • Pain is transformed.
  • We can let go of what doesn’t serve us.
  • We have the capacity to live with integrity towards self and others, and experience gratitude and forgiveness.
  • We will awaken our inherent qualities loving-kindness, compassion, equanimity, and sympathetic joy. 

 Walk through the doorway of relief. Return home to your true self. 

What can you expect from services at Project Yes? 

Experience compassionate, quality care from highly trained and skillful individuals!

All providers continue to seek ongoing learning in order to stay at the cutting edge of research and community issues, and to remain humble at how much there is always still to learn.

Meet The Team

Our team members are always engaging in the community, and can be found:

  • Presenting research at clinical conferences such as the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) and International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)
  • Providing trainings within organizations such as Legal Aid of North Carolina, the American Red Cross, and the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center
  • Receiving specialized training such as through the DART Center for Journalism and Trauma
  • Being invited to provide continuing education courses for the North Carolina Psychological Association and NCAHEC
  • Participating in local special interest groups for consultation and trainings, such as the Triangle Poly and Kink Network
  • Providing mentorship and training to college and doctoral interns, as well as post-doctoral fellows
Dr Tatyana Kholodkov
Dr tatyana kholodkov


Jonah Leslie


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Caroline Heidsick
Caroline Heidsick

Therapist Intern

At Project Yes we pay respect to the past, present and future Lumbee and Shakori people on whose ancestral homeland we gather. 

We believe it is important to honor the pain of both stolen land and genocide, including the many lives lost during the Trail of Tears. We gratefully acknowledge the diverse Native communities who still make their home here today (just under 2% of the population in NC is Native American). We humbly express our appreciation for the opportunity to work and live on this land.

Project Yes Staff welcomes, values, and celebrates all humans. We are committed to providing services from a stance of cultural humility and affirming services. We acknowledge the impact of systemic oppression (including white supremacy) and aim to support the healing of wounds from associated stress and trauma. Our practice is explicitly LGBTQIA+ affirming, sex positive, trauma informed, body inclusive, and welcoming to individuals in the kink, poly, and CNM communities. We recognize the many forms of diversity including people of all backgrounds, ages, genders, gender identities, citizenship status, traditions, sexualities, bodies, cultures, religions, and abilities.

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Dr Kholodkov is intricately involved in supporting the mental health of people working directly in disaster relief.

Psychology of Meditation

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The Psychology of Meditation

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