Emma Caley

Emma Caley

Emma Caley (she/her) is an incoming third-year student at Miami University, where she is majoring in Psychology and considering a minor in Anthropology and Women/Gender studies. She has worked in the Behavior, Emotions, and Relationships lab at Miami for 1.5 years, helping to investigate socio emotional outcomes of toddlers in relationship to their parental relationships. She has a lot of compassion for individuals struggling with anxiety and desires to help others prioritize their emotional wellness. Following her undergraduate studies she hopes to apply to graduate school and work towards a career as a licensed psychologist.

As part of her work at Project Yes for over a year, Emma is a jack-of-all trades. She assists with administrative tasks, creates beautiful content for social media promoting emotional wellness, and helps with creating materials used within the practice. Emma also helps with non-clinical interactions, so you may encounter her giving you a call to relay information. She additionally helps in some client sessions such as with exposure therapy for social anxiety, phobias, and OCD. You will find Emma to hold space for your experience, in a non-judgemental, supportive fashion. Her quiet presence also is an indication of how deeply she listens.

In her free time she enjoys:

  • Painting portraits
  • Hiking in the woods
  • Skating with Miami’s Open Collegiate Synchronized Skating Team
  • Baking dreamy breakfast pastries

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