Events at Project Yes PLLC

We have a variety of events, from community and support groups to workshops and presentations. Many offerings are open to the public, so feel free to share with others!

Psychedelic Integration Group: Monthly

Psychedelic Integration information leaflet. The Psychedelic Integration Support Group in Durham, NC can be a great community resource.

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Join us in person for our monthly group! This is a peer support group to help process experiences related to psychedelic medicines. This can include Ketamine infusions or at-home experiences, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, microdosing, and therapeutic or recreational experiences with other medicines, including but not limited to Ibogaine, ayahuasca, LSD, MDMA, mescaline, and psilocybin.

Topics Covered

Topics will include peers sharing what they are working through or where they feel stuck in psychedelic work. You can talk about the good experiences and the difficult trips, and everything in between. In facilitating, Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov may offer harm reduction tips and practices that promote mindful connection. This is a confidential space so you can ask the questions you may have and the community can support you! Offered on a sliding scale scholarship spots can be requested by reaching out to Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov.

Location of The Group

This group takes place at the office of Dr. Hani El-wafi of Transformance Health, with whom Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov collaborates for some of her psychedelic therapy services in North Carolina. The location is right at the border of Durham and Chapel Hill.

What to Expect

Our meetings will include a bit of grounding with mindfulness, somatic practice, or short breathwork. We also review group agreements, which promote confidentiality and build community.

Please note that this group is not therapy and does not establish a therapeutic relationship with Project Yes PLLC/Dr. Kholodkov or Transformance Health/Dr. Hani El-wafi. The group is meant for peers discussing their psychedelic experiences or questions and is not a training for professionals.

We hope to see you, and please pass the word to others seeking psychedelic support in the Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh area.

Use to RSVP each month.

LGBTQIA2+ & Neurodiverse Support Group: September - November 2023

A flyer with information of the LGBTQIA2+ and Neurodiverse Support Group. Work with a Neurodiverse Therapist in Durham, NC and build community support.

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Our group is enrolling now for an 8 week, closed cohort online small group for residents of North Carolina.

Who the Group is For

This is a space for LGBTQIA2+ and neurodiverse folks, led by Cat, LCMHCA (they/them) - a queer, non-binary autistic person and AUDHDer, and therapist at Project Yes PLLC. They are particularly passionate about supporting autistic folks in finding their strengths and navigating the world. Cat saw a particular need for LGBTQIA2+ Autistic folks in North Carolina to have support and therapy around these identities!


This virtual therapy group is $65 per session (out of pocket) and will include both structured and unstructured time to build community support. Clients will first meet with Cat for an abbreviated intake ($100) if they are new clients to our practice. The group will be held Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. EST. We do have a sliding scale spot available too!

Clients can indicate interest in joining the group through our therapy contact form and they will be scheduled for a brief intake.

The group will start in September on the 20th, so please share now with anyone who may want to join and we will get them ready to go!


  • Week 1: What does being autistic mean to you?
  • Week 2: (Un)Masking
  • Week 3: Disclosing Autistic Identity
  • Week 4: Accommodating Yourself Pt 1: Social Anxiety & Communication
  • Week 5: Accommodating Yourself Pt 2: Sensory Needs
  • Week 6: Accommodating Yourself Pt 3: Executive Functioning
  • Week 7: The Joy of Autistic Identity
  • Week 8: Closing Reflection

Polyamory Support Group: October - November 2023

Polyamory support group

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We are very excited to be offering a virtual group on ethical non-monogamy!

Who This Support Group is For 

The Polyamory Support Group is for members of the polyamorous community (or those just exploring) lead by a sex-positive therapist. Participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences with a variety of relationship issues. The group will include some educational content and guided discussion on ethical non-monogamy topics. Each individual will need to sign up for the group, however, couples and polycules are welcome to attend. Partnered and unpartnered folks are welcome.

Who Will Facilitate The Support Group

The group will be facilitated by Jonah Leslie, LCMHCA, a therapist at Project Yes, and a member of the poly community. Jonah brings a background of work on healing relationships and moving through the world with authenticity, in addition to practical considerations and relevant skills.


This cost is $65 per session (out of pocket). Clients will first meet with Jonah for an abbreviated intake ($100) if they are new clients to our practice. The group will be held on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30 pm EST. A sliding scale spot is available as well!


  • Oct. 3: Managing Jealousy (and Group Introduction)
  • Oct. 10: Setting Relationship Expectations
  • Oct. 17: Maintaining Boundaries and Encouraging Growth
  • Oct. 24: Support between Metamours
  • Nov. 7: Foundations of Secure Attachment
  • Nov. 14: Where To Go From Here

We are enrolling now! Folks can indicate interest through our therapy contact form and they will be scheduled for a brief intake. 

Classes at Global Breath Yoga and Meditation - September 6th, October 4th

Global breath yoga and meditation leaflet. Learn more about yoga and meditation in Durham, NC today.

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Wednesday night meditation (in person):

This includes a sit, walking meditation, a brief talk, and optional sharing from the heart. This is a lovely way to be in the community and practice together. There is an invitation, rather than a pressure, to interact, and we get to sense being with one another even during silence. This by-donation class is offered in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. No experience with meditation is required.

Yoga Nidra (in person and online):

Yoga Midra is the practice of yogic sleep. It is not only helpful for rest but also helps expand our minds, helping us connect with our true selves. This practice can also be helpful for psychedelic integration. The class is a resting meditation where you lie down for 50 minutes, and there is no physical movement. It is offered as taught by Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov’s teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Presentation at UNC (CEU’s available!)
October 9th, 2023 In person and Online

Psychedelic assisted therapy leaflet that offers information about available CEUs related to Psychedelic Assisted Therapy in Durham, NC.

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Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov will be presenting to the school of social work on “Psychedelic Assisted Therapy- Ethics and Efficacy in Context.” You do not need to be a mental health professional to attend.

Participants will receive an introduction to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, with a focus on ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin. The talk will include reviewing the historical context of psychedelic work, an overview of research, future directions, and legal issues pertaining to the current state of psychedelic therapy. Information regarding supporting clients who are interested in therapeutic use of psychedelics will be discussed.

Potential Paradigm Shifts

Psychedelic-assisted therapy may be bringing a paradigm shift to treatment-resistant depression, substance use disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder; and the integration of these treatments raises ethical issues, which are further complicated by the regulatory and legal landscape. This workshop invites participants to slow down, be thoughtful, and proceed ethically. Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov will provide a grounding in current knowledge and research about these treatments; important historical context that includes lessons on cross-cultural practices and research omissions and abuses; and competencies and considerations for our role in supporting the healing of vulnerable populations.

Cost: $35 and reduced fee spots are available. Register here.

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