Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Why Psychedelic Psychotherapy in Durham, NC? 

The heart of Project Yes is helping individuals to be truly present in their lives. To say YES to living, and being awake. There are many tools that can support us on this path. 

You’ve seen How to Change Your Mind on Netflix, and you JUST. CAN’T. STOP. thinking about it.  Psychedelics for healing? Could that be for me? The anti-drug messages from DARE might raise your anxiety, and yet there is a part of you that is also feeling a stirring of curiosity and hope. 

A purple tinged sky representing new life and opportunities that can be found through the self-discovery process that comes with Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy in Durham, NC.

You may be feeling stuck- in your body, in your life.

Perhaps, you’ve tried traditional psychotherapy, evidence-based approaches, and medications- but it isn’t working for you, or only yielded limited results. Even in your body, you may have things happening that you can’t totally understand, or the doctors don’t have an answer for. Or perhaps life is fairly satisfying, but you have something within you that you want to explore. You can tell there’s something within that needs your attention. And you can tell that if you shine a light on it, you would be able to get to the next level in your creativity, community engagement, or personal growth. That was true for me.

My journey to the development of Psychedelic Psychotherapy offerings in my own practice

I grew up with DARE and internalized many War on Drug Messages, which I didn’t realize until well into my adulthood are governmental measures that are more about systemic racism than really protecting my individual wellness. Once I could leave a little room to consider that psychedelics are not dangerous, I dove into research that really satisfied my scientist-practitioner training to have the confidence to venture in.

I began to study what many ancient traditions around the world have been practicing: using the body, breath, and mind-expanding medicines for wholesomeness. The culmination of these experiences has led to psychedelic therapy offerings here at Project Yes PLLC!

A profound difference between recreational psychedelic use and Psychedelic Psychotherapy

In my own lived experience, there is a profound difference between recreational psychedelic use and engaging in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Furthermore, Psychedelics can help deepen our healing and growth. The process combines intentionality, ritual, unconditional care, medical safety, and warmth so you can explore beyond the “conscious” mind. Perhaps as I have, you may experience shifts, some subtle and others profound. Additionally, your body may feel different. 

Inner healing intelligence tapped into during Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

You will connect with your implicit knowledge, which can provide a lot of “truth” unlike the ways in which our chatty mind can distort and frankly lie to us. This is called your inner healing intelligence. Connecting within helps you have new insights and perspectives, which can then be translated into changes in your life.  In the days and months that follow, you will also be supported in having practices that help you process what arises, through meditation, embodiment, connection with nature, and flow state activities. Contrary to popular belief, YOU can really heal YOURSELF. 

Sunlight filtering down inside the sandstone of Antelope Canyon representing the feeling of freedom from overcoming struggles with Psychedelic Psychotherapy in Durham, NC.

Psychedelics for Mental Health 

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy can provide relief from the emotional pain we have carried, perhaps even our whole lives. It allows for the potential to soften our fears and pause the loops our minds get stuck in.  We may revisit that which needs our attention and also see things from a different point of view. In addition, we may experience deep spiritual exploration, connecting with that which is beautiful and larger than our sense of the “small self.” Further, we can realize our strengths and resilience. New mental pathways can be formed. 

Multiple types of medicines

The “classic” psychedelics are serotonergic agonists which include lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), mescaline, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and psilocybin. Other medicines that have similar effects are often grouped together with classic psychedelics, such as methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and ketamine. Still, others include various other types of plant medicines. Thus, the larger broader term of “psychedelics” commonly used today includes multiple types of medicine. 

The benefits of Psychedelic Psychotherapy

The benefits of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy are not focused on the medicine alone, and it is not about having a beautiful “trip.” It is a process of transformation that starts before your medicine session. Your process is guided by psychotherapy that includes preparation through integrative, mind-body tools, helping develop a mindset that supports your medical work.

Working together to create an individualized experience

Together, we create an individualized experience to help you trust yourself in the process. The medicine session is an opportunity to really be cared for while you journey and recover. After the medicine session, the experience is processed through psychotherapy to help you make meaning of what arises, and find a way to take the effects of the medicine into your daily life. You may notice your heart a bit more open, feeling called to leave this world a better place than you found it. 

“Above-Ground” Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy in Durham, North Carolina

At Project Yes PLLC, Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov facilitates “above-ground” psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in Durham, North Carolina using Ketamine. She additionally provides other, psychedelic therapy-related services as listed. 

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can be used for a given clinical concern (e.g., symptoms of depression), to support psychological work (e.g., assist with progress, develop insights, and create shifts in patterns) as well as for psycho-spiritual exploration.  The process involves specialized care before, during, and after ketamine medicine sessions.

Sun rising over the Grand Canyon in a pink and purple sky representing representing the peace and new beginnings that can be found through Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy in Durham, NC.

Begin Psychedelic Psychotherapy in Durham, NC Today

If you have been struggling with your mental health and traditional treatments have not worked we can help. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is a proven alternative treatment that can address mental health issues that have proven treatment-resistant in the past. At Project Yes, Dr. Kholodkov is trained extensively in the KAP Process and is here to help you on your journey to healing through Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and beyond. Follow the steps below to get started:

Other Services Offered by Project Yes

In addition to Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, we offer Psychotherapy Services for Anxiety, Insomnia, Integrative Health, OCD, and Trauma and PTSD as well as Yoga and Meditation Options. We look forward to guiding you on your journey toward optimal physical and mental well-being.