All Types of Anxiety

Project Yes Therapists specialize in treating anxiety

Here at Project Yes, we treat a variety of forms of anxiety. Worry and fear are a natural part of the human experience, but at times it can start to cause us problems and distress. Although Project Yes therapists focus more on the process and mechanism for what maintains the anxiety process (rather than focus on the “disease model,” it can still be helpful to have a name and framework to understand the type of anxiety experience we may be having, including:

Our team approaches treatment from a mind-body wellness perspective, often incorporating mindfulness or somatic treatments into our cognitive treatment plans.

How might treatment work?

Project Yes therapists are anxiety experts! Our therapists are very experienced with the process of Exposure Therapy and ExRP (Exposure + Response Prevention) as well as other skills that can be helpful. Counseling for anxiety involves learning new skills.

  • Exposure therapy entails slowly exposing clients to their phobias in a structured in a manageable way, in order to reduce the anxiety feelings that often come from that phobia.
  • The therapy will include home practice. The work is challenging AND the treatment is highly effective!
  • For those living or coming for anxiety treatment near Durham NC. your therapist may meet you out in the community to help you get more comfortable with the practice exercises. We also are experienced in helping you in session virtually. This is the case whether it is social anxiety therapy or other anxiety treatment.
  • Don’t worry, you won’t have to go into the deep end of the pool to start!
  • We also implement Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tools to support reclaiming your life.
  • As helpful, we will teach you tools to help manage intense emotions and also stay connected to why you want to overcome anxiety. We help you make sure you are walking towards your valued-driven life!

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