Relationship Therapy

Clients reach out to Project Yes PLLC for Relationship Therapy when they are ready to dive in and do the work to help their relationship. 

Exploring Why the Light Went Out of Your Relationship

We help you finally start talking about the things left unsaid. Where the spark seems to have faded, we explore why the light went out. You may have navigated a big life chapter, like a loss or caregiving, or navigating the stressors of parenting young children. Months of problems with fertility may have put a strain, or perhaps life feels disorienting after making big geographic moves due to careers. You can get your relationship back on track, our team of therapists is here to help you! Couples counseling is like a pillar to support a relationship. Now you have decided yours deserves support too. 

Relationship Enhancement

Others come to couples therapy for relationship enhancement. You are a team that wants to take things even better, prepare for the next chapter, or navigate a current stressor. We can help you assess the areas of strength and what you want to make your relationship even better. 

Purple and red roses form a heart. If you are struggling in relationships, Relationship Therapy in Durham, NC can help you find the path that is right for you.

Relationship Therapy: A Multi-Part Assessment Process

For all seeking relationship therapy, we start with a multi-part assessment process to understand the problem as both of you see it, and individual sessions to understand your background and unique worldview. We then come together to discuss the information your therapist gathered, and how they see some of the difficulties you have, and together develop your therapy goals. Subsequent sessions continue with all parties involved. 

We Don’t Force the Issue in Relationship Therapy

Not all couples therapy is focused explicitly on fixing a relationship, and we don’t force working on the relationship if that is not what feels right for you. Sometimes one or both partners are contemplating leaving the relationship and come to make a decision about whether to part ways. We can help you explore whether your distances are irreconcilable so you can decide if you want to keep staying together. Perhaps, that decision is already clear, and you’re wondering what to do.

We Facilitate Break-Up Conversations When Needed

At Project Yes PLLC, our therapists help facilitate break-up conversations, if you want to have a space where the conversation is mediated and each of you has support. At Project Yes, we can also help you with conscious uncoupling to figure out how to untangle your lives in a mindful way. 

A purple orchid. Explore your relationship to find what works best for you in Couples Therapy in Durham, NC. We work with traditional and non-traditional relationships.

Our Team Works With Traditional and Non-Traditional Relationships

Our team will meet you where you are, and we work with couples in traditional and non-traditional relationships alike. Project Yes PLLC specializes in working with individuals who are interested in exploring or are already practicing ethical non-monogamy (ENM) or just want to figure out of consensual non-monogamy is right for them.

Project Yes Works With You in Opening Your Relationship

We can help you identify how to pace yourself in opening up your relationship. As well as managing difficulties that arise such as jealousy, anxiety, coming out to others, and breakups in polyamory.  Additionally, we also have worked with swingers, kinksters, and folks on the continuum of sexual attraction and desire. 

We Also Work with Dyads of All Sorts

In addition to couple’s therapy, we help dyads of all sorts. Adult children and their parents needing to work through their relationship, two co-workers having a misunderstanding, and friends going through a rough patch. Our team works with polycules too! 

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Individual Therapy is Available in Addition to Relationship Therapy

If folks seeking relationship therapy also need individual support, we can take care of that in-house for you as well! Working with an individual therapist and couples therapist at Project Yes allows you to great coordination of care. While also helping you preserve the boundary of a designated couples therapist separate from your individual therapy work. 

Begin Your Unique Journey With Relationship Therapy in Durham, NC Today!

Whether you are in a traditional relationship or in the process of opening your relationship to non-monogamy we will meet you where you are at in the journey. Our therapists excel at working with relationships of all kinds to find the path that is right for you. Our team offers a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore options and find what works best for your unique situation. If you are ready to start this journey, follow the steps below to get started.

Other Services Offered by Project Yes

In addition to Relationship Therapy, we offer Psychotherapy Services for AnxietyInsomniaIntegrative HealthOCD, and Trauma and PTSD as well as Yoga and Meditation Options. Additionally, we offer Psychedelic Psychotherapy, Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, and more. We look forward to guiding you on your journey toward optimal physical and mental well-being.